Freedom Cro Passion Wave (crochet)

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Freedom Cro Passion Wave (crochet) 24″

How to style
Step 1 – Start by braiding your one hair cornrows
Step 2 – Using a latch hook/hair crochet needle, slide your tool into part of a braid. Twist the middle fo your Freedom piece, place it in the hook and loc kit
Pull the needle through your cornrow braid, which will then form a loop.
Step 3 – Pull the rest of your hair piece through the loop you created until it is snug around the braid.
Step 4 – Double knot the hair once more to secure the crocheted hair.

Care instructions
– Wash with cool water
– Soak hair using mild shampoo
– Rinse thoroughly
– Do not brush hair
– Let air dry completely
For longer lifespan of hair in beautiful, tangle-free form, please follow the care instructions properly.

Color Guide (link)

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