Fashion Idol Express Jamaica Dred Lock (crochet)


Sleek Jamaican Dred lock Crochet Braid from the Fashion Idol range.

Fashion Idol Express Crochet Braids range is a collection of crochet friendly braided styles, that are cutting edge fashion and of superb quality. This gives you, the fashion conscious wearer a natural looking style in no time.

Kanekalon Fibre

Satin soft fibres that are comfortable and premium quality to achieve multiple hairstyles using a crochet. A natural look, fast and easy to achieve. Many possibilities of hairstyles through these hook weft, ready for use. Can be curled with hot water and rollers or worn braided or twist out (2-in-1 style).

  • Super Soft Texture – Satin soft fibres that are comfortable against the skin and less irritating to the scalp.
  • Super Light – Provides huge volume, real ‘big hair’ without much weight.
  • Easy Braid – Gentle on fingers, easy to braid.
  • Easy Brush – No tangle or frizz when brushing through.
  • Easy Lock Ends – Braids don’t unravel, even before hot-water sealing.
  • 2 in 1 Style – Can be unbraided/unravelled for twist-out alternative style
  • Natural Look – Looks real and healthy.
  • Flame Retardant – Auto seal coating gives protection from flames.
  • Hot Water Seal – Can be styled in hot water, rollers will give you curls.
  • Reduced Tangling – Not prone to tangling or matting.
  • Protective Style – Tuck your hair away in cornrows for some R & R and still look natural an glamorous.
  • Handmade – For authentic salon looks.

Available in 2 different lengths: 14″ and 22″.

Color Guide (link)

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