African Pride Texture Softening Kit

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African Pride Texture Softening Kit gives amazing managebility, styling versatility and softness to naturally curly, kinky-coily mixed textures. This texture softening system is perfect for elongating curls and streching kinky-coils without sacrificing natural texture. Relaxer Transitioners can aslo soften new growth texture to naturally blend with processed ends.

Kit contains:

  1. Instruction sheet & glove
  2. Curl control Pre-Treatment
  3. Texture Softening creme
  4. Normalizing shampoo
  5. Leave-in Conditioner
  6. Bouncy Curls pudding


African Pride Texture Softening Kit is for everyday styling curls and coils to give shine. It has amazing sensibility, styling flexibility and delicateness to normally Curly, Kinky-Coily Mixed Textures. This Texture Softening System is ideal for extending Curls and Stretching Kinky-Coils without giving up normal surface. Relaxer advances can likewise soothe new development surface to normally mix with prepared finishes. So speedy and simple to help prolong twists and extend unusual loops. Ideal for frizz control and adding definition to wavy styles. Shea Butter Miracle Texture Softening Elongating System relaxes your hair while helping you keep your common body, bounce and development for extreme sensibility and styling adaptability.